What is ?

Iyzil is a Smart Female Safety & Security Solution, it is developed as an easy-to-use ‘App’ that helps females go fearless in threatening situations. Iyzil gives them the choice of connectivity with their Trusted Personal Responders and 24/7 Professional Monitoring Services to get support from emergency services departments in case of a threat or emergency.

Why Choose ?

Iyzil helps you Stay "Safe" and Feel "Safe" everywhere. You can get instant help in case of an emergency. Also, you can be connected with your family & friends at all times.

Not Feeling Safe

Iyzil will always make you feel safe because 24/7 professional assistance, your personal responders and even security agencies are just pressing a panic button away.

Being Harassed

Now, you can get immediate assistance with Iyzil and protect yourself against any harassers. Just shake your phone or press the volume button three times.

Medical Emergency

You need a trusted companion and immediate help in case of any medical emergency. You can get instant help through Iyzil without even opening your phone.

Incident Protection

If somebody tries to attack you, kidnap you or God forbid somebody tries to rape you, you can get immediate assistance. Iyzil is here to protect you against all incidents.

Connected with Family

Now you can stay in touch with your family and close friends without sending a single text with a range of smart and timed real-time notifications.

Travelling Alone

If you need to send your location every few minutes to your loved ones or you get into any trouble, then Iyzil is best for your needs.

Living Alone

Now, you can always live alone without any fear. If you face any threat or any emergency, just use Iyzil to get immediate help.

Home Alone

Iyzil is ‘Your Fearless Companion’ and friend in your loneliness, who is always there to keep you safe and make you feel safe.

Driving Alone

If you get into an accident or your car breaks down, simply use Iyzil to get instant help.

Iyzil’s 24/7 Professional Monitoring Services

 Be Safe and Confident - A Dedicated 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service is available to verify your triggered panic alerts from the Iyzil App and facilitate you to get the required emergency services. With Iyzil monitoring, you are never alone.

Iysave - Personal Responders App

Stay Connected with your Personal Responders - Iysave is a smart App to become Personal Responders for Iyzil users. When a request is sent by an Iyzil user, the Personal Responder must first download the Iysave App. An Iyzil user can pair, block, restrict location access individually for each Personal Responder. Keep connected at all times.