Iyzil is Pakistan’s First Smart Female Safety and Security Solution. It is a Smart App integrated with a 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service and connected with your Responder Ring (your selected Friends and Family) for instant response.

Introducing Iyzil- Pakistan’s First Smart Female Safety and Security Solution

The first version release of Iyzil was in July 2021 to ensure females their fundamental right to safety and security across Pakistan. Currently, over 20,000 females use Iyzil every day to ‘Feel Safe’ and ‘Stay Safe.’ They use Iyzil to report incidents and harassment and get instant help from Iyzil’s 24/7 professional monitoring team and their responders.

“Iyzil’s mission is to ensure the safety and security of all Pakistani females and empower them to live their life freely, confidently, and safely. It will also improve Pakistan’s ranking on female safety from the bottom six to the top six,”

says Qasim Mueen, the CEO of Iyzil.

Benefits for Pakistani Females and their Families

Iyzil addresses the safety concerns of Pakistani women that they face daily, such as: being harassed, feeling unsafe, incident protection, medical emergencies, fear of traveling alone, living alone, driving alone, and fear of being home alone. Iyzil provides “Peace of Mind” to females and their families, especially fathers, husbands, and brothers.

Safety and Security Features of Iyzil

Iyzil has comprehensive safety and coordination features designed to meet every female’s needs in Pakistan. Let’s take a look at Iyzil’s enhanced features.

Panic Alarm

Females can trigger the Panic Alarm either by Shaking their Phone (Android only), Pressing the Volume button three times, or Pressing the in-app Panic Button. This way, they can send an alert with their precise location to their Ring Responders and the 24/7 Professional Monitoring. They instantly engage emergency service authorities (15, 1122, etc.). 

24/7 Professional Monitoring Service

Iyzil’s 24/7 special agents provide an innovative and advanced way to connect the females instantly with local authorities or relevant organizations in case of an emergency. 

Responders Ring

Iyzil helps females stay connected with their families and friends through the Responders Ring feature. This feature allows them to create a ring, add up to 5 Responders to send panic alerts, and share live locations whenever they feel unsafe or are in trouble.

Route Management

With this feature, females can safely create safe paths and travel around. 

They can start their route on the Iyzil app and set a time to send periodic notifications to their Ring Responders. They can also mark their route as Routine, Safe, or Unsafe. If they deviate from their Routine/Safe route, their Responders and 24/7 Professional Monitoring will receive Panic alerts instantly. 

Why choose Iyzil?

Iyzil is a must-have for every Pakistani female. Iyzil is especially for all females to ensure they ‘Feel Safe, Stay Safe.’ The safety and security features of Iyzil allow females to stay connected with their family and trusted friends. It is easier to let them know where they are and when they need help. The 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service is always there to help females feel safe in unfamiliar territories with one Panic Alarm away. In addition, the new features coming out this summer will make females’ lives even better and safer.

Iyzil provides Pakistani females complete peace of mind, keeps them connected to their family and friends, and always makes them ‘Feel Safe and Stay Safe.’ 

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