Discover the Power of Iyzil: Your Guide
to Total Safety and Connectivity!


How many features does Iyzil offer?

Iyzil is the only Women’s safety and security solution in Pakistan that  offers 3 core features:

  1. Smart Security.
  2. Smart Routes.
  3. Smart Connectivity.

What is included in the Smart Security feature?

Smart Security includes:

  1. 24/7 Professional Monitoring Support.
  2. Police and medical response dispatch.
  3. 3 ways to trigger Panic Alert.
  4. Personal Responders.
  5. Location, and battery percentage sharing.

What is included in the Smart Routes feature?

Smart Routes feature includes following:

  1. Create, Record, Label and Follow Routes.
  2. Auto- Deviation Panic Alert.
  3. Routes Management.

What is included in the Smart Connectivity feature?

Smart Connectivity feature includes following:

  1. Periodic Location Sharing
  2. Customizable periodic location update Intervals.
  3. Customizable periodic location sharing time duration.

Is Iyzil only available in Pakistan?

Yes, currently Iyzil is only available in Pakistan.

Is Iyzil only available for females?

Yes, Iyzil is specifically designed to provide safety and security features for females.

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