Pakistan is a patriarchal society. Women and children (boys or girls) are being dominated and harassed by men every other day. According to recent statistics, in 2021, Pakistan has ranked the 5th most dangerous country for women

A rapid increase in harassment at home, workplace, and in public of women is worrisome. It has become a norm for females in Pakistan to experience different forms of harassment daily. 

Is there any safety and security solution in Pakistan? Yes!

A Safety and Security Solution 

Iyzil is the first Smart Female Security app in Pakistan to provide safety and security to all women. Iyzil ensures the safety of all such women who feel unsafe or harassed at any place. A complete Smart Female Safety and Security Solution that provides quick ‘response’ and quick ‘help’ to ensure the safety of all women. 

How to Travel Alone Safely with Iyzil

One of the leading security concerns for women is traveling alone. Every girl and woman feel unsafe while traveling alone as there have been many reported cases of women being harassed in public transport, private cabs, or walking alone. Every woman needs to feel safe and protected. In case of experiencing harassment in public places, all you need to do is to Trigger a Panic Alarm. Upon triggering the alarm, Iyzil Professional Monitoring Service Team responds within 10 – 15 seconds. Also, the added Responders (your trusted friends and family) receive your Panic Alert with a precise location. Iyzil Professional Monitoring Service Team connects you with any Emergency Service you need.

Iyzil is against any form of Harassment

Iyzil app can rescue you against any form of harassment in your daily life. One out of three women experiences physical or sexual violence across the globe. 

Iyzil helps Females stay safe at home.

In Pakistan, 60 to 70 percent of women suffer from abuse, and more than 5000 are killed annually from domestic violence. During the last six months of 2020, women reported 1422 domestic violence cases. It is one of the effective forms of violence women face in Pakistan. 

Many victims cannot report their cases, Iyzil can be of great help for such silent victims. You can quickly get help while being at your home. It will provide you with a needed helping hand, a fearless companion.

Iyzil helps Females Stay Safe While Walking Alone

 It is common for women in Pakistan to face verbal and physical harassment on the streets. 

 It is common for them to be stalked and chased by men while driving while shopping at malls, and walking at parks. Women face difficulty using public transport as they are followed and harassed at bus stops and during traveling.

Roads and streets are not safe for women at all. 

Almost 2/3rd of women feel unsafe walking alone in daylight even. Such forms of harassment include the following, unwanted comments, honking, catcalling, wolf-whistling, and touching by strangers while walking. In such cases, any woman who needs help that can protect them. Through Iyzil, it has become easier for women to act against harassers. 

Iyzil Helps Females Facing Workplace Harassment 

Women face sexual harassment, discrimination, and misogyny in their workplaces, including universities and other educational institutes. Women in medicine face a toxic culture of misogyny from their male colleagues, students, and patients. Their bosses often ask every other working woman for ‘favors,’ often of sexual nature. 

Iyzil is a Must-Have Smart Safety and Security App

Safety and security concerns have become severe in Pakistan. For this, Iyzil has a Smart Solution. Through Smart technologies, Iyzil ensures the safety and security of Women in Pakistan. Iyzil guarantees females’ fundamental right to Feel Safe, Stay Safe. 

Iyzil is Available on both PlayStore and AppStore.
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