Empowering Women Through Pakistan's First Female Security and Safety Service

Empowering women to take action and receive immediate help in emergency situations with Iyzil, the revolutionary women safety app.

Empowering women to take action and receive immediate help in emergency situations with Iyzil, the revolutionary women safety app.



Iyzil is made to protect and empower Pakistani women. Our smart app has a 24/7 alarm monitoring service to provide quick and reliable support, making Pakistan safer for women. We understand the challenges women face and to capture those challenges we created Iyzil to give them a sense of security and to provide them help when they need it. We're committed to making a real difference in the safety and empowerment of women in Pakistan.
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From staying at home to navigating the world, Iyzil’s six smart features are designed to
empower and protect Pakistani women with the utmost female safety in mind.
Smart Routes

Record, label and save your daily traveled routes and follow them with confidence. Deviation by 1km from a saved route generates an Auto Deviation Panic Alert.

Smart Security

With three trigger options, users can instantly alert our 24/7 Alarm Monitoring team and their designated "Personal Responders" if they feel threatened or endangered, receiving a prompt and authoritative response, ensuring safety with Iyzil.

Smart Connectivity

Share periodic location updates with your personal responders at set time intervals for a custom duration, ensuring your peace of mind and that of your loved ones, for enhanced female safety.

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Watch a quick tutorial to find out how Iyzil
works, a leader in women safety service.

Empowering Women with Injury Insurance & Psychotherapy Coverage

Iyzil, in partnership with InsurTech Instaful Solutions, introduces a groundbreaking initiative providing Rs 100k injury coverage and three psychotherapy sessions for Iyzil premium users. This innovative solution is designed to protect women against harassment and safeguard their mental and psychological well-being.

As the first of its kind globally, this initiative underscores our commitment to enhance women’s safety and empowerment. Aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 5, our mission extends beyond gender equality to reshape societal norms around women’s safety. By offering insurance coverage that includes access to psychotherapy, we are setting a new standard in support and care for women who have faced distressing situations

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More than 45000 women across Pakistan trust Iyzil for their safety and