Feel Safe, Stay Safe

Iyzil ensures your safety and security with smart features, protects peace of mind, connects you to your loved ones, and offers 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service in case of any emergency.

Pakistan’s First Smart Safety and Security Solution

Iyzil is on a mission to bridge the gap between females and local authorities, bring families and friends closer with comprehensive safety and coordination features for safety and security at home, work, public places — all in one Iyzil app.

We offer a sense of security and peace of mind through Iyzil Smart App.

Iyzil provides you and your family/friends the peace of mind, constant connectivity, and life safety in any emergency!

Walk Alone Safely

You can walk alone carefree. Most women fear stalking, harassment, and catcalling while walking alone. With Iyzil App, you do not have to fear anything.

Drive Alone Safely

You can drive safely anywhere. Women fear being followed. Not anymore! Trigger the Panic Alarm to inform the police nearby or inform your loved ones within seconds.

Travel Alone Safely

Do you know women face economic inequality due to unsafe travels? Facing sexual harassment and other forms of unwelcome behavior also causes mental stress. Iyzil helps you travel safely with its Smart safety and security features like Route Management and PanicAlarm.

Live Home Safely

Sometimes females do not feel safe at home or in hostels either because of domestic violence or because of safety and security concerns. Iyzil creates a safe environment for you whether you are at home or in the hostel.

Medical Emergencies

24/7 Professional Experts are always there to support you in stressful times. When you face any kind of medical emergency and do not know who to contact just trigger the Panic Alarm to get help instantly.

Feel Safe, Stay Safe 24/7

You are never alone in case of any trouble. Your friends and family can see your live location, estimated distance, and battery charge instantly when you trigger an alert.

Get ready to protect your peace of mind.

How Iyzil Works?

Iyzil is simple to use and very easy to set up. We’ve thought of
the need of every Pakistan female to feel safe, stay safe.

1 Download the Iyzil app.
2 Create your private, invite-only family and friends Responder Ring.
3 Choose the membership plan that fits your needs.
4 Add Emergency Contacts (which you want 24/7 Professional Monitoring Team to engage if your Responder(s) does not respond)
5 Set the smart Panic Alarm Settings according to your needs.
Now breathe easy and freely. Your loved ones and 24/7 Professional Monitoring are with you everywhere you go.

We have happy 20,000 Iyzil Users and growing