Empowering Women’s Safety In Pakistan, Securing the Future

Become an Iyzil Fearless Ambassador and join the movement of taking women’s safety in Pakistan to a next level.

Promote Empowerment, Promote Women's Safety In Pakistan

As an Iyzil Fearless Ambassador, your mission is to inspire and ignite change by spreading the word about our innovative smart female security products and the impact they have on Women’s safety in Pakistan. With your passion and drive, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of creating a safer future for women in Pakistan, while also gaining valuable professional experience and recognition.

Characteristics of lyzil Fearless Ambassador

Embracing Ownership: The Role of Iyzil Fearless Ambassadors

Iyzil Fearless Ambassadors are responsible for growing the user base, maintaining relationships with current users. They play a crucial role for the betterment of women’s safety in Pakistan, onboarding new users through various methods, such as product demonstrations, addressing user inquiries, gathering feedback, proposing new features and marketing campaign ideas, and reporting back to the Iyzil headquarters. The effectiveness of an Ambassador is defined by their skills, knowledge, experience, focus, and availability.


Join the Movement to Make Pakistan Safe for Women

Become a Fearless Iyzil Ambassador and play a crucial role in ranking Pakistan as one of the safest countries for women. Work with individuals from diverse backgrounds to bring feedback, ideas, and promote smart security solutions that ensure women’s safety in Pakistan.

Rewards for Iyzil Ambassadors

For your efforts and contributions, Iyzil will reward you in the following ways: