About Us

Iyzil is Pakistan's first smart security service for women. Our 3-way Panic Alarm instantly notifies Emergency Contacts and our 24/7 Alarm Monitoring in emergencies, sharing location and battery level. Premium users get a call within 30 seconds. Our agents can engage PEHEL (Pakistan Emergency Helpline) 911 for instant response. Your safety, our priority.


Of Iyzil

Iyzil was born out of a response to some of the most disturbing cases that shook the nation including the Noor Mukadam case, the motorway incident, and other incidents that made it clear that women needed better safety measures. These events were the wake-up call we needed to do something, something innovative and proactive. Iyzil can propose solutions to women in all walks of life.

What We

Strive For

We envision a future where women in Pakistan aren't just safe but empowered. We're inspired by real stories, by the strength of survivors, and the collective call for change. Our vision is a society where every woman feels secure, living her life without fear.



We're on a mission to turn tragedy into empowerment. Iyzil is here to provide smart safety and security service. We want to make Pakistan safer by offering quick and reliable support through features like our 3-way Panic Alarm, 24/7 Alarm Monitoring, and teaming up with emergency services. 



Qasim Mueen
CEO At Iyzil
FAST (NUCES) Lahore & University Of Pittsburgh Graduate
Kashif Mueen
CIO At Iyzil
PCBA (UCP) And Texas A&M Graduate
Sadaf Kashif
CCO At Iyzil
Phd (Communication & Information Systems) From Robert Morris University