Get ready to protect your peace of mind.

Iyzil is a simple and easy-to-use app. Iyzil comprehensive safety and coordination features are designed to meet every female's needs in Pakistan.

Panic Alarm

Trigger the Panic Alarm and get instant support.

Shake the phone, press the volume button three times, or press the in-app Panic Button and Send a silent alert with your location to Ring Responders, 24/7 emergency dispatchers instantly.

Panic Alert

24/7 Professional Monitoring Service bridging the gap & ensuring safety

Iyzil's 24/7 live agents, emergency dispatchers provide a smart and advanced way for you to connect to local authorities or relevant organizations in case of any harassment or medical situation. We get highly accurate location data and other vital information from our app, which can help you in an emergency or simply when you want to feel safe.

Responders Ring

Stay connected with your trusted friends and family for everyone's peace of mind.

Create a Ring, add up to 5 closest friends and family to inform instantly, and stay synced in a private, invite-only Ring to share a precise location in case of any emergency or whenever you feel scared and unsafe.

Live-Location Sharing

24/7 Personal Safety and Secure Places.

You can share your live location and send periodic alerts to your Responders (friends and family) while going to unsafe places.

Route Management

Create secure paths and travel safely around.

Start the route on Iyzil App, set minutes to send periodic notifications to your loved ones to make sure you are safe. End the route and label it as Routine, Safe or Unsafe. Personal Responders will be notified if the user deviates from Routine Route.

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