Empowering Corporate Women: Iyzil’s Fight Against Workplace Harassment

Empowering Corporate Women: Iyzil’s Fight Against Workplace Harassment


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In the corporate world, safety and respect should be a given, not a privilege. However, a serious problem — workplace harassment against women — exists in Pakistan’s corporate corridors. A culture of fear, secrecy, and ignorance keeps this silent threat, which manifests as uncomfortable remarks, inappropriate advances, or a general atmosphere of hatred, disguised. Iyzil, however, shines out as a ray of hope against this depressing background. By speaking out against workplace harassment, this pioneer gives professional women the confidence and security they need to thrive fearlessly.

Real Stories: The Shadows of Harassment

To truly grasp this hidden problem, let’s look at some real-life stories that show how deep this issue runs. These corporations may have measures in place to protect their employees, but these incidents remain unreported.

  1. Electric Company Incident: A brave woman officer lodged a complaint against her CEO for inappropriate behavior, as revealed by T-Magazine. Even with harassment policies in place, the incident remained unreported until it was too late, revealing a significant gap in prompt issue resolution.
  2. Banking Sector Study: A study in Lahore exposed that many women working in banks had been victims of harassment. Unaware of their rights or how to seek help, these incidents highlight the critical need for better communication and education within corporations.
  3. Multinational Company Case: A courageous woman working for a multinational company in Karachi took a stand against her boss who was harassing her. As reported by Dawn News, this incident emphasized the necessity of a safe, secure channel for reporting and addressing harassment within the workplace.

Workplace harassment creates disaster on individual well-being, affects corporate reputation, and hinders productivity, affecting the corporation’s ability to attract and retain female talent. To combat this, it’s crucial to create an environment where women can report incidents fearlessly. A viable solution includes an easy mechanism to report the incident at the time of an incident, immediate incident management and communication for those feeling threatened, building a safe work environment, and a corporate commitment to employee safety and well-being.

Iyzil fight against harassment
Introducing Iyzil: One of a Kind Corporate Smart Female Security Solution

Iyzil rises as the champion of corporate safety, designed to protect female employees. This innovative smart female security solution is revolutionizing personal safety in the workplace, giving women the reassurance they need to succeed without fear.

Panic Alert: Harassment can occur in many forms, and often in situations where the victim is unable to call for help verbally or openly. With the Panic Alert feature in Iyzil Smart App, a user can discreetly trigger an alarm and let the responders know of an emergency situation by simply pressing a button or shaking their phone. It’s an immediate, discreet, and effective way of seeking help.

24/7 Professional Monitoring Support: No matter the hour, Iyzil’s Professional Monitoring Support ensures that assistance is available when a panic alert is triggered. This 24/7 support means that even during late-night shifts or overtime hours, women can have the assurance that they are not alone and that help is just a button-press away.

Personal Responders: While this feature usually involves nominating trusted individuals outside of a corporation, it can also include trusted colleagues, supervisors, or HR representatives within the corporation. When a panic alert is triggered, these responders receive an immediate notification, creating an internal support system that can quickly respond to any distress call.

Incorporating Iyzil in the corporate environment provides a safe haven for women to focus on their professional growth. The solution not only creates a secure environment but also fosters empowerment, leading to enhanced well-being and productivity of employees. This improved satisfaction further results in reduced turnover, significantly boosting corporate reputation. Furthermore, by encouraging a culture of trust and inclusivity, Iyzil ultimately contributes to the long-term growth and success of a business.


Let’s unite and harness the power of Iyzil – transforming workplaces into havens of safety and progress. The benefits are abundant – a safer environment, happier employees, increased productivity, reduced turnover, improved corporate reputation, and a culture of trust and inclusivity. Investing in Iyzil is a step towards sustainable business success and growth.

Take action now. Prioritize the safety and well-being of your female employees. Schedule a demo at social@iyzil.com for Iyzil’s Smart Female Security Solution and see how it can transform your workplace and empower your workforce. Invest in a safer, more secure future for your organization today.


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