Making Workspace for Females Safe and Secure in Pakistan.

Making Workspace for Females Safe and Secure in Pakistan.




Creating safe and secure workspaces is an integral part of enhancing women’s safety in Pakistan. Addressing the unique challenges that women face in their professional lives and ensuring they have equal opportunities to thrive is paramount. This article explores the current hurdles in Pakistan, the importance of a secure workspace, and the unveiling of Pakistan’s First Smart Female Security Solution, to bolster women’s safety in work environments and make them more inclusive.


Current Challenges in Pakistan


  • Gender Discrimination:

    Women often face unequal treatment, limited career prospects, and a lack of recognition for their abilities and contributions, which obstruct their professional growth and diminish their self-confidence. Such gender discrimination is a significant obstacle to women’s safety and empowerment in the workplace.

  • Sexual Harassment:

    Sexual harassment, a distressing reality for many women in Pakistan’s workplaces, not only creates a hostile environment but also leads to emotional trauma. Addressing this issue is crucial to ensuring women’s safety in workspaces.


  • Travel safety:

    The safety of women who travel for work is frequently at risk, particularly when commuting alone or traveling to unfamiliar locations. Concerns include harassment or assault during public transportation, inadequate security measures in hotels or guesthouses, and the overall safety of travel routes.


  • Inadequate response to incidents:

    A lack of prompt and effective response to incidents of harassment or security concerns is a significant challenge. Women may hesitate to report such incidents due to fears of retaliation, lack of trust in the system, or the absence of appropriate action by the management.


  • Work-related violence

    In certain sectors, such as healthcare or social work, women may face the risk of work-related violence from clients or patients. This can include physical assaults, verbal threats, or other forms of aggression that compromise their safety.


The Importance of a Safe Workspace for Women’s Safety

A safe workspace is crucial for empowering women and promoting gender equality. It provides an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and intimidation, bolstering women’s safety and well-being. Creating a safe environment for females in the workplace offers significant benefits for organizations:


  • Increased productivity an  deficiency.
  • Enhanced employee morale and satisfaction.
  • Attraction and retention of top talent.
  • Positive company image and reputation.
  • Reduced turnover and absenteeism.
  • Increased creativity and innovation.
  • Compliance with legal and ethical obligations.
  • Positive impact on team dynamics and collaboration.

The Importance of a Smart Female Security Solution for Women’s Safety in Workspaces:


A smart female security solution is vital in today’s world to ensure women’s safety in workspaces. It addresses their safety concerns and creates a secure environment, demonstrating a commitment to safety, empowerment, and equality. It enhances safety measures, instills confidence, and allows women to focus on work without worries. By investing in this solution, organizations foster a safe, inclusive, and successful workplace for all employees.


Now let’s explore the essential features that a smart female security solution should have:


  • Panic Button:

    Easy-to-access panic buttons or discreet distress signals that allow women to quickly alert security personnel or authorities in case of emergencies.


  • Real-time Location Tracking:

    GPS technology to track the precise location of women employees within the workspace, ensuring a swift response and assistance.


  • Two-way Communication:

    Instant communication channels that enable direct and effective communication between women and designated responders, facilitating prompt assistance.


  • Automatic Notifications:

    Immediate alerts sent to security personnel or response teams when an emergency is triggered, ensuring a rapid and coordinated response.


  • Customizable Safety Profiles:

    Personalized safety profiles that allow women to set preferences, emergency contacts, and individual safety parameters based on their specific needs.


  • Privacy and Data Protection:

    Stringent privacy measures and robust data protection protocols to ensure the confidentiality and security of user information.


  • User-Friendly Interface

    Intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, allowing women to quickly access safety features and seek assistance without any technical challenges.


Steps to Create a Safe Workspace With Iyzil:

To address the unique safety concerns faced by women, Iyzil has introduced Pakistan’s first smart female security solution. This digital safety solution is connected with personal responders and offers 24/7 professional monitoring support, integrated with the Pakistan Emergency Helpline (PEHL) 911. Iyzil aims to completely eradicate concerns regarding women’s safety in workspaces.


Now, all companies and organizations can leverage the innovative features of Iyzil’s smart female security solution. By integrating Iyzil into their workplace safety protocols, employers can provide a heightened sense of security to their female employees. Here’s how Iyzil can contribute to creating a safe workspace:


  • Implement the Panic Alert Feature:

    Iyzil’s Panic Alert Feature is a game-changer when it comes to ensuring workplace safety. By simply pressing a button within the Iyzil app, female employees can instantly alert Iyzil’s 24/7 Professional Monitoring team and their designated personal responders if they feel threatened or in distress. This immediate access to help empowers women and provides them with a reliable solution to seek assistance during emergency situations.


  • Enable Quick and Easy Access to Help:

    Quick access to help is crucial in emergency situations. With multiple options for triggering the panic alarm, such as tapping the in-app panic button, shaking the phone, or pressing the volume button three times, female employees can always find a convenient method to seek assistance. This ensures that help is just a few seconds away, instilling a sense of confidence and security in the workplace.


  • Benefit from 24/7 Professional Monitoring Support:

    Iyzil’s 24/7 Professional Monitoring team plays a pivotal role in ensuring workplace safety. When an employee triggers the panic alert, the monitoring team receives an instant notification and responds within 30 seconds. They can then dispatch police or medical responders or provide support and assistance, based on the employee’s consent. This immediate response and coordination provide peace of mind to female employees, knowing that help is readily available.


  • Utilize Personal Responders:

    The Personal Responders feature allows employees to add their trusted circle of family members, friends, or colleagues as their designated personal responders. In case of an emergency, the panic alert notifies these individuals, providing immediate support and assistance. This feature creates a sense of community safety within the workspace, as employees know they have people they can rely on during distressing situations.


  • Take Advantage of Smart Routes:

    Iyzil’s Smart Routes feature allows employees to create, record, and label their daily routes, ensuring a safe and secure journey to and from the workplace. By following predetermined routes, employees can navigate through familiar and safe areas, minimizing potential risks. This feature is particularly valuable for female employees who may feel vulnerable while commuting alone, providing them with a clear and secure path.


  • Leverage Auto Panic Alarm:

    The Auto Panic Alarm feature acts as an additional layer of security for employees. It automatically generates a panic alert if an employee deviates from their saved route by a certain distance. This alert is sent to Iyzil’s 24/7 Professional Monitoring team and the employee’s personal responders, notifying them of the potential danger and requesting immediate assistance. The Auto Panic Alarm feature ensures that female employees are promptly attended to in critical situations.


  • Regularly Train Employees:

    To fully utilize Iyzil’s smart female security solution, it is essential to provide comprehensive training to employees. Conduct workshops and sessions to educate them on how to effectively use the app, understand the panic alert feature, and familiarize themselves with the reporting system. By empowering employees with the knowledge and skills to leverage Iyzil, organizations can maximize the safety benefits within the workspace.


Creating a safe workspace for females in Pakistan requires a proactive approach. By integrating Iyzil’s smart female security solution into workplace safety protocols, organizations demonstrate their commitment to fostering a secure environment. Empowering female employees with access to immediate help, 24/7



Creating a safe and secure workspace for females in Pakistan is crucial for protecting and empowering women, promoting gender equality, and fostering professional growth. It is a collective responsibility to ensure that workspaces are free from bias, harassment, and discrimination. By integrating solutions like Iyzil that focus on women’s safety, organizations are demonstrating a strong commitment to gender equality and the creation of a safer, more inclusive workplace.




Why is creating a safe workspace important for women’s safety in Pakistan?

Creating a safe workspace is important for women’s safety in Pakistan to ensure their well-being, professional growth, and equal opportunities. It helps address gender discrimination and combat sexual harassment, fostering an environment where women can excel.


How can strong policies help in enhancing women’s safety in workspaces?

Strong policies provide clear guidelines against discrimination and harassment, establishing consequences for offenders. They create a framework that promotes accountability and ensures that incidents are addressed promptly, enhancing women’s safety in workspaces.


What are some successful initiatives taken in Pakistan to promote women’s safety in the working environment?

The first and unique initiative in this regard is Iyzil, Pakistan’s first smart female security solution, which aims to empower and protect Pakistani women with its digital safety solutions. This solution aims to eradicate harassment from the face of Pakistan and elevate women’s safety in the workplace.


How can reporting mechanisms contribute to enhancing women’s safety in the workspace?

Reporting mechanisms allow women to voice their concerns and report incidents of harassment or discrimination. By ensuring confidential and reliable processes, these mechanisms empower women, encourage accountability, and contribute to women’s safety in the workspace.


What are the long-term benefits of creating a safe and secure workspace for women in Pakistan?

Creating a safe and secure workspace has long-term benefits for both women and organizations. It enhances employee satisfaction, reduces turnover, fosters productivity, and promotes a positive work culture, ultimately elevating women’s safety and wellbeing.

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