How To Protect Women Through Panic Alarm

How To Protect Women Through Panic Alarm

How To Protect Women Through Panic Alarm

Violence against women in Pakistan, particularly intimate partner violence and sexual violence, remains a pervasive and critical issue, posing a significant threat to women’s human rights. This problem encompasses various forms of abuse, such as forced marriages, workplace sexual harassment, domestic violence, and honor killings.


Historical Perspective:

The late 70s and 80s witnessed a setback in women’s rights in Pakistan, with discriminatory amendments to laws. However, recent years have seen progress, with the introduction of policies aimed at curbing practices like early-age marriages, honor killings, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and rape. Many of these initiatives have been spearheaded by women parliamentarians.

Cultural and Religious Factors:

Dr. Rukhsana Iftikhar and Dr. Maqbool Ahmad Awan highlight that Pakistan’s agrarian nature fosters a mindset where personal ownership is commonplace, contributing to the perception of women as possessions. The persistence of violence is attributed to deeply ingrained religious and cultural norms, where women are expected to uphold modesty while men project masculinity to safeguard family honor.

Acts of Violence:

Poverty plays a significant role in the prevalence of violence in Pakistan, with a high percentage of illiterate women unaware of their rights. Education emerges as a potential tool for empowerment, creating awareness and enabling women to assert their rights and improve their societal status. Ancient traditions and customs, including exchange marriages, marriage with Quran, Karo Kari, honor killings, and dowry, further exacerbate the issue.

Domestic Violence:

Disturbingly, a substantial number of women in Pakistan experience domestic violence, with a 2008 survey revealing that 70% of respondents reported such incidents. Law enforcement often fails to view domestic violence as a crime, and cases are frequently refused registration. Marital rape, considered illegal under Pakistani laws, remains a distressing form of spousal abuse.

Honor Killings:

Honor killings, deeply rooted in history, persist in Pakistan, with thousands reported annually. Despite legal obligations to treat these incidents as homicides, authorities often neglect their responsibilities, allowing this form of violence to endure.

Rape and Sexual Violence:

Sex remains a taboo subject in Pakistan, hindering women from reporting rape experiences. Shockingly, a Human Rights Watch study reveals a rape occurring every two hours and a gang rape every hour. Professor Shahla Haeri suggests that rape in Pakistan is institutionalized and tacitly or explicitly approved by the state, while lawyer Asma Jahangir indicates that a significant percentage of women in custody experience physical or sexual abuse.


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Empowering Pakistani Women with Iyzil’s Panic Alarm:

Recognizing the critical need for a solution to these safety concerns of women, Iyzil, Pakistan’s first smart female security service, introduces a powerful feature designed to empower and protect,  the “Panic Alarm”. This innovative tool is more than just a feature, it’s a guardian, a signal for help, and a step towards greater security.

What is the Panic Alarm?

The Panic Alarm is a central component of Iyzil’s smart safety application, created with the specific safety needs of Pakistani women in mind. It’s a swift and efficient way to alert emergency contacts and the dedicated Iyzil’s 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Support team in times of distress or danger. The alarm is designed to be easily activated and to ensure that help is on the way as quickly as possible.

How Does the Panic Alarm Work?

Understanding the operation of the Panic Alert is crucial for making use of its full potential. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it functions:


  1. Triggering the Alarm:

The Panic Alarm can be activated in three intuitive ways to ensure accessibility in various situations:

  1. In-App Panic Button: A dedicated button within the Iyzil app designed for ease of access.
  2. Shake to Alert: Simply shaking your phone can trigger the alarm, providing a discreet way to call for help.
  3. Volume Button Press: Pressing the volume button on your phone three times consecutively acts as a silent alarm trigger.


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  1. Immediate Notification:

Upon activation, the alarm sends an immediate alert to the user’s emergency contacts and Iyzil’s 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Support team. This alert includes the user’s precise location and battery percentage, crucial information for coordinating a swift response.

  1. Rapid Response:

   Within 30 seconds of the panic alert activation, a trained Alarm Monitor from the 24/7 support team contacts the user to assess the situation and determine the nature of the emergency. This prompt communication is vital for understanding the user’s needs and initiating the appropriate response.

  1. Coordination with Local Law Enforcement Agencies:

 With the user’s consent, the case is transferred to nearest and quickest local law enforcement agencies to the user’s location. This ensures a coordinated and efficient response to the user’s location, utilizing local resources for immediate help.

  1. Emergency Contacts Informed:

Simultaneously, the user’s emergency contacts are informed and provided with the location and battery details. They are offered two options on receiving the alert. Which are explained below:

    1. Respond: By tapping on this option the Iyzil application provides the emergency contact with an in app route that takes the emergency contact to the exact location of the user, with estimated time of arrival.
  • Call: By opting this option emergency contact can call the user to get to know about the nature of the emergency and provide necessary assistance.


Why is the Panic Alarm Important?

The Panic Alarm stands as a testament to Iyzil’s commitment to empowering women with tools for their safety and security. It’s not just about the technology but the peace of mind and confidence it offers. Knowing that help is just a button press away can make all the difference in threatening situations, providing a sense of security that is invaluable.

Empowerment Through Technology

Iyzil’s Panic Alarm is more than a feature, it’s a light of hope and a step towards a safer future for women in Pakistan. By integrating technology with the genuine need for safety, Iyzil is setting a new standard for security solutions, ensuring that every woman has the support she needs, whenever she needs it.

In embracing this technology, users are not just protecting themselves, they’re part of a broader movement towards a safer, more secure society where the well-being of every individual is a priority.


How Iyzil’s Panic Alarm is Changing the Game for Women’s Safety:

This isn’t just another app feature, it’s like having a superhero button right in your pocket. Let’s break down why this Panic Alarm is a big deal and the good stuff it brings to both individual lives and our communities.

For You: Confidence to Go Places

Help with a Tap or Shake: Imagine if, with just a button tap, a phone shake, or a quick press of the volume button, you could tell people you trust that you need help, and fast. That’s what this Panic Alarm does. It’s quick, simple, and gets the job done.

Feeling Safe Means Doing More: When you know help is just a moment away, you’re more likely to do things on your own. Whether it’s heading out for a late-night study session or taking a new job, the Panic Alarm gives you the confidence to say, “Yeah, I got this.”

Standing Tall: Knowing you’ve got an instant call for help right in your handbag or pocket makes a big difference. It’s like walking around with a safety net, ready to catch you if things go south.


For Everyone: A Safer, Kinder World

Scaring Off the Bad Guys: When troublemakers realize that causing trouble could get them caught in no time, they’re less likely to bother. It’s like having a big, “Back Off!” sign that keeps everyone safer.This feature isn’t just about tech, it’s about bringing people closer. When you add friends or family as emergency contacts, it’s a way of saying, “I trust you to have my back.” And that builds a strong circle of folks looking out for each other.

Changing the Rules: The more we use smart tools like the Panic Alarm, the more we tell the world that women’s safety is non-negotiable. It’s about making sure everyone, everywhere gets that being safe isn’t a privilege; it’s a right.

Smart Choices for Smarter Cities: All the info this app gathers helps figure out which spots are safe and which aren’t. That means we can make our neighborhoods safer, one alert at a time.

Wrapping Up

Iyzil’s Panic Alarm is more than just a feature on your phone; it’s a game-changer for feeling safe and empowered. It’s about giving women the tools they need to live freely and confidently. And the cool part? It’s making our communities tighter and teaching us that looking out for each other is how we all win. Here’s to a future where everyone feels safe, no matter where they are.

Download Iyzil Now: 

Ready to take control of your safety with the tap of a button? Download Iyzil today and join the community of women who are stepping out with confidence every day. Whether you’re heading to work, out for a run, or exploring the city at night, Iyzil’s Panic Alarm has got your back. Don’t wait for the moment you wish you had it, be prepared, stay safe, and live freely. 

Click here to download Iyzil now and start your journey towards worry-free independence. Because your safety isn’t just a feature, it’s a priority.


How To Protect Women Through Panic Alarm

How To Protect Women Through Panic Alarm


Share:Violence against women in Pakistan, particularly intimate partner violence and sexual violence, remains a pervasive and critical issue, posing a significant threat to women’s human rights. This problem encompasses various