Navigating Emergencies Without Internet: Iyzil’s Revolutionary Female Safety Solution in Pakistan

Navigating Emergencies Without Internet: Iyzil’s Revolutionary Female Safety Solution in Pakistan


Imagine you’re journeying in a remote region, and suddenly, you find yourself in a grave emergency. You reach for your phone, but there’s no internet, or you don’t possess a data plan. What would you do?

Regrettably, this scenario is common for many Pakistani females who may not have access to a data plan or experience internet connectivity issues. In dire situations, this lack of connection can leave them vulnerable and helpless. At Iyzil, we recognize the importance of female safety, irrespective of internet access.

Hence, we’ve launched a groundbreaking service functioning without the internet, ensuring you’re never alone in an emergency. Let’s explore how this service can be your lifeline in times of distress.

Introducing Iyzil’s Offline Mode: Pakistan’s First Smart Female Safety Solution

Iyzil is a pioneer in offering an innovative female safety solution in Pakistan, designed specifically for emergencies where internet access is unavailable.

In such an emergency, you just need to:

Step 1:
Initiate The Panic Alert Via The Iyzil Smart App By:

1) Shaking the phone.

2) Pressing the volume button three times.

3) Tapping the in-app Panic Button.This sends an immediate alert to your personal responders and Iyzil’s 24/7 professional monitoring support, along with your battery status and precise location.

Step 2:
Your Personal Responders Receive An Alert Instantly, Enabling Them To Provide Prompt Assistance.

Personal responders are given two choices: call you or use the in-app respond button, guiding them accurately to your location.

Step 3:
Within Just 30 Seconds Of The Panic Alert, Iyzil’s Monitoring Support Contacts You To Confirm The Emergency.

After verifying the nature of the emergency, they direct local authorities to your location with your consent.


Protection and Empowerment With or Without Internet – Anytime, Anywhere:

With Iyzil, a leading provider of female safety solutions, you can rest assured that you are not alone in an emergency, even without internet connectivity.

So, whether you’re traversing the wild outdoors or merely navigating life’s challenges, Iyzil has got you covered. Stay assured and proactive with Iyzil – your smart female safety companion.


In the fast-paced digital age, having a female safety solution that operates even without internet access is crucial.

Iyzil addresses this need by providing a smart safety companion specifically designed for emergencies under these circumstances. Its capability to function without an internet connection ensures that you can seek help when required, regardless of your location’s connectivity.

This groundbreaking technology provides peace of mind to users, knowing they have a reliable female safety solution in critical situations.

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