Safety Beyond Internet: Introducing Iyzil’s Offline Mode for Remote Areas and Connectivity Blackouts

Safety Beyond Internet: Introducing Iyzil’s Offline Mode for Remote Areas and Connectivity Blackouts


Iyzil Offline Mode


Journeying through the breath-taking beauty of Pakistan’s landscapes, far away from the buzz of daily life. Suddenly, you realize there’s no internet, no way to call for help or share a beautiful moment with your loved ones. Alternatively, if you’re at home, and the internet goes out. You’re cut off from the world, which can be scary and risky, especially for women. We need a way to stay safe, even when the internet is not within reach.

Think about a world where the internet doesn’t exist at all. This is the harsh truth for many women in Pakistan. When the internet is gone, their safety net vanishes. They can’t call for help or let anyone know where they are, making them easy targets for harmful acts. The lack of internet becomes a silent partner in crime, making their lives dangerous. 

The answer to these problems must ensure women’s safety, even when the digital world is miles away. So, whether it’s a thrilling hike amidst nature’s wonders or unexpected disruptions in online services, There is a need for a solution to safeguard women’s well-being. An ultimate companion which provides peace of mind and ensures safety even when the digital world seems out of reach. 

Overcoming Connectivity Challenges: Introducing Iyzil’s Offline Functionality:


  • A Ray of Hope:

    Iyzil is an innovative smart female security solution designed to tackle the daunting issue of connectivity challenges faced by Pakistani women. It is a beacon of hope in situations where the internet is inaccessible, casting light on the shadowy uncertainties of digital disconnection.

  • Breaking the Chains:

    Iyzil empowers women to rise above the limitations of connectivity. They can send Panic alert by triggering a panic button, and update their loved ones about their real-time location, all without an internet connection.

  • Reclaiming Safety:

    No longer do women need to suffer in silence or feel vulnerable in isolated areas. Iyzil enables them to reclaim their sense of security even in the face of limited connectivity.

How it works:


  • Offline Access to Emergency Contacts:

    With Iyzil, all your emergency contacts and essential information remain accessible, even in the absence of an internet connection.

  • Panic Alert Activation:

    The app allows you to trigger a panic alert swiftly, ensuring a quick response to keep you safe in times of distress.

  • Offline GPS Location Sharing:

    Even without the internet, Iyzil enables continuous GPS location sharing, assisting your contacts in finding you quickly when necessary.

Protecting and Empowering Women with Immediate Assistance


  • A Powerful Ally:

    Imagine a young girl feeling threatened on a dimly lit street. Previously, her calls for help might go unheard. But with Iyzil, she has immediate assistance right at her fingertips.

  • Immediate Action:

    With a simple button press, Iyzil springs to life. It sends out panic alerts, activates a support network, and alerts authorities with your consent, providing an immediate lifeline in dangerous situations.

  • Never Alone:

    Armed with Iyzil, women in Pakistan are never alone in the face of danger. It empowers them with a network of support, ensuring their safety even when connectivity is a challenge.

As we navigate through life’s unpredictable paths, the Iyzil app stands as a steadfast ally, empowering women to conquer connectivity challenges and ensuring their safety in times of distress. 

Whether you’re a Pakistani woman venturing into remote landscapes or encountering unexpected internet disruptions, Iyzil provides a sense of security and immediate assistance when needed the most. No longer are you bound by the constraints of digital disconnection.

With Iyzil, you’re equipped with an offline functionality that triggers emergency alerts, sends distress signals, and keeps your loved ones informed about your whereabouts. So, why wait? 

Download the Iyzil app today and take a step towards reclaiming your peace of mind and safety. Experience first-hand the empowering sense of security that Iyzil offers. 

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